Overview Pflugerville Texas including Real Estate Info

The city of Pflugerville lies only a twelve-minute drive from the beautiful city of Austin. The small town feel of this area attracts new residents constantly, as does the convenient access to one of the most economically sound cities in the county. With the tremendous growth in the town, it has become one of the most diverse areas in central Texas and certainly one of the most desirable places to live. The family oriented community and the access to jobs and opportunities will keep the community growing and flourishing well into the future. History Pflugerville was founded in 1860 by William Bohls, who built a general store and post office in the town.

He chose to name the community for Henry Pfluger, who was one of the first residents of the area. Pflugerville remained a very small town for many years; not experiencing any significant growth until the 1980's when it went from a community of just over 600 people at the start of 1980 to over 4000 residents by 1990. Even more growth has taken place since then, with an even large population boom. As of the year 2000, there were over 16,000 people living in the town, making it the fastest growing small town in Texas.

Economy/Jobs Pflugerville is feeding off the current economic and employment boom of Austin and has been recently named one of Forbes magazines fastest growing suburban communities. This refers not only to the population boom, but also to the tremendous amount of business growth in the town. The area has an unbelievably low unemployment rate, coming in at approximately 2.4% as of March 2008, while the federal level was 5.1% during the same period.

The area's median household income was $71,985, with the majority of its citizens working in professional or managerial positions. This increasingly affluent area is attributed to its convenient location to a wide range of large corporate complexes, such as Dell and Intel. Real Estate Pflugerville has plenty of affordable home opportunities, making it a very attractive location for middle-class families with children.

The median home selling price is approximately $161, 045, allowing home ownership to be affordable to nearly everyone in the area. Though the community has been in existence since the mid1800's the majority of homes in the area date from the 80's and 90's. There are also a number of new developments in the works, creating a huge market for brand new dwellings. There are a handful of rental opportunities, as well, but nearly 90 percent of area homes are owner occupied. Attractions Though residents of Pflugerville are only minutes away from the shopping, dining, and cultural offerings of Austin, there are plenty of things to do within the small city, as well.

This family-oriented area offers various parks and community centers with a wide range of activities. There are community celebrations during the holidays and plenty of options for shopping and dining, throughout the city.

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