Creating Your Own Wine Cellar

Many people today love wine, both tasting it and collecting it. This tasty hobby, once attributed only to kings and monks, has become commonplace in average American homes. But there is nothing average about it. Connoisseurs of fine wines find they not only love to sip the beverage, they also want to build a collection of fine wines just like any other hobbyist. Once a wine collection hits 600 bottles, storage problems can arise. Eventually, those little glass fronted fridges won't get the job done.

For a larger collection of vintage wines, more storage may be required. Wine Cellars have a wide selection of fine woods, including mahogany and premium redwood. By incorporating a wine cellar into your residence, you will be able to manage your wine assets effectively. Several high-end homes are now incorporating wine cellars that are equipped with appropriate shelving or racks and maintain a constant temperature between 50 and 60 degrees.

Some considerations, regarding the storage room or cellar would be temperature control, humidity control, length of time your wines are to be stored, safety measures, and if you may be moving any time soon. Wine rooms or cellars can be installed during the building process and can range in style from glass fronted rooms to coves with faux rock walls. Maybe you have a room in your home you want to convert into a wine room. It can be fitted with special temperature controls and customized shelving, keeping your wines in the protected setting necessary to preserve quality. You may choose to hire someone to build your wine cellar for you. Custom made wine cellars are magnificent and expensive.

Or, if you're the Do-It-Yourself type, you can get a wine cellar kit to assist you. Regardless of how you install it, a personal wine cellar will be an appealing feature in the luxury real estate market. For people looking to buy a luxury home, a wine cellar may prove to be the deciding factor.

Having a wine cellar in your house is an advantage. There was a couple I knew who wanted to find a new home near their business and had viewed many very nice homes. They picked the one with the great wine room. For wine connoisseurs who prefer to have their collections near them, there are few restrictions in storage as long as money is no object and space is abundant.

Andre Beudein, a wine collector for over twenty years, began to look for Santa Clarita Valley MLS. He realized how many homes were built without a good understanding of fine wine storage. After purchasing Valencia real estate, as the first step, he converted the basement into a wine cellar. Now, he has a place to store his favorite pastime.


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